Welcome to AREA, Atlanta’s award-winning performing arts training center!

On behalf of AREA, our board, staff, and admirers, we would like to welcome you to our AREA—in the collective sense, bringing our experience and talents together to provide world-class training, development, and resources in the Performing Arts!

I am deeply committed to being an inspiration through the Arts and have spent my life pursuing this passion! As a native of Atlanta and a professional dancer, choreographer, and educator for over 15+ years with specialized experience in a variety of Arts and Entertainment settings, bringing a collective sense of revolutionizing artistic expression, transcending limitations, and creating outlets for personal discovery are my core values.

AREA was birthed to provide an outlet for all the residents of Atlanta and the larger metropolitan community to participate in and appreciate the performing arts, and to be a roof and walls for training and development classes, workshops, and performance opportunities.

The Arts have a major affect on the lives of others; a deeply rooted impact with the ability to connect people across social and cultural boundaries. Those same roots will develop the imagination and creative expression the youth and teens of tomorrow will use to understand themselves, their self-purpose and commitment to community. Through the foundation of the Arts, blossoms a unique garden of well-rounded individuals who unlock truths deep within their body and soul. The Arts are universal and has no boundaries!

Join us and explore your AREA in the Arts with us! We appreciate the opportunity to expose you to the world of the Performing Arts in Dance, Music and/or Drama while instilling our creed, Our Area Has No Limits! For we are Where The Arts LIVE.

For more information about AREA, email Info@myAREAatlanta.com

Purposely Driven,




Jai McClendon Jones




Recognized as the Best in Arts and Entertainment in Atlanta since its inception in 2009, AREA, Atlanta’s Resource for Entertainment & Arts is a multi-disciplinary performing arts center and a comprehensive resource and incubator for arts and entertainment novices to professionals. From dance, to music, and drama; to artist development, music production and recording, AREA is interested in cultivating the entertainment stars of tomorrow.

The mission of AREA is to encourage and create opportunities for all to participate in and appreciate the performing arts and strives to create a place where individuals can realize their creative potential, and where the community as a whole can share, witness and/or participate in this process.

AREA inspires artistic expression and advances cultural literacy and sustainability, and honors a diverse and creative heritage through active community engagement in the Performing Arts.  As a gathering place for educational, aesthetic, and intellectual experiences, AREA is committed to grooming leaders in the arts community who are not only gifted artists but model citizens as well!


  • One stop shop for all things performing arts in an enjoyable and friendly environment!
  • Our nurturing team of highly skilled instructors helps to create a caring, and progressive environment. In addition to their extensive credentials, our teachers continue to work in their respective fields and offers theoretical approach that is complemented by professional experience.
  • Cutting edge approach to instruction, specialized Master Class Workshops, and Apprenticeship/Professional opportunities
  • Our focus is solely on training, technique, and progression in a structured environment through curriculum based programming and development
  • End of the year Professional Productions for members Not Recitals, and other performance opportunities locally and regionally!

AREAs elite clientele of members have gone on to pursue and receive scholarships from renowned educational institutions including: Fordham University/Alvin Ailey (NY), University of the Arts (PA), Pointe Park University (PA), AMDA New York (NY), Florida State University (FL), to name a few. In additional our students have sustained successful careers in all areas of the Arts & Entertainment industry including: feature Films, Broadway, professional Performing Companies (Dance/Theater), Touring with renowned recording artists, TV commercials/networks, Awards Shows, etc.

Continuing to cultivate and revolutionize over 5000+ talented artists through our ongoing initiatives and programs, AREAs goal is to continue to be the cornerstone for artistic excellence in the nation! For we are WHERE THE ARTS LIVE!!