Dance Academy

The ACADEMY of the Arts is the award-winning performing arts training & development schools of AREA in Dance, Music, and Theater for novices to professionals.  The ACADEMY is committed to grooming leaders in the arts community who are not only gifted artists but model citizens as well!

With our diverse curriculum and superior training instructed and guided by top tier Arts professionals, our students develop a strong appreciation for the Arts, and are prepared to successfully compete as Entertainment & Arts professionals. Carefully designed with the development and progression of our students in mind, our curriculum includes 3-Divisions: Happy Kiddies (First Steps), AREA In Motion, AIM (Exploratory), and the Conservatory (Pre-Professionals). Our Faculty of experienced professionals are skilled to instill and empower all to discover the wonder of the Arts, no matter what their age or experience, in addition to efficiently guide our members to collegiate/audition process and/or professional careers.

Focused on Training/Development Classes (group and private), quarterly Master Workshops, and Performance opportunities, AREAs unique ACADEMY will create continued professional-level training, development, structure, and preparedness to developing our future stars into leaders of the arts communities, while instilling our creed, “My AREA , Your AREA, Our AREA Has No Limits”!


  • To ensure that our students remain at the helm of professional development.
  • Give guidance to balance both spectrums and styles of the commercial and concert industry.
  • To guarantee proper training and development of all students to ensure talent is equipped with the proper tools for a successful career.
  • Ensure our talent feel free artistically and creatively to flourish in many dimensions of the Arts they may have never tapped before!
  • Provide Yearly Seasonal Training, Master Workshops, Conventions, Summer training, and Performances.
  • Provide artist and professional development to including: Photoshoots, Portfolio Development, Workshops, Presentation skills, and Mentorship.


  • Renowned Faculty of professional Instructors with respected careers in their respective Industry.
  • Mentorship and guidance by Master Instructors and by award-winning Artistic Director and AREA Visionary, Jai Jones.
  • Perform new and repertory works by renowned Directors and Choreographers.
  • Professional-level Productions & Concerts, not Recitals!
  • Competition & Convention opportunities locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Financial aid Tuition scholarships (determined by application and interview)
  • Professional and portfolio development (pre-professional track students)


  • There is no audition necessary; however, placement classes required
  • Must be in satisfactory academic standing
  • Registration, First Month Tuition, and Gear Fees due at Enrollment
  • Agree to AREA Code of Conduct and other pertinent policies
  • Registrations are accepted and reviewed on a Semester basis

AREA Academies:

Dance Academy

Music Academy

Theatre Academy

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Committed to providing world-class training and guidance from top tier dance professionals, our progressive-based programming is structured for providing students the training and performance experiences required to sustain a career in the professional aspects of the arts and entertainment industry and understand that their area in the Arts Has No Limits”! Focused on all ages and levels ranging from our First Step children’s track to our exploratory/ recreational track, accelerated pre-professional Conservatory track, to our Adult open classes allows an opportunity for everyone to explore their area in the Arts with us!

Happy Kiddies Program | First Steps:

An enjoyable and introductory combination of Ballet, Tap, and Acrobatics, our rising stars will enjoy the challenge and benefit of our modern, creative arts- curriculum based learning program for beginners. Our Happy Kiddies develop body control and awareness, while exploring their own creative interpretation, assisting with memory, ability to focus, and body awareness that will ultimately help in their overall development. Ages 3-6 years


AREA In Motion (AIM) Program | Exploratory:

Offers weekly progressive classes for beginner through intermediate dancers whose interests lie in developing a love for dance but primarily for its social and health benefits. Our curriculum is designed for each individual student to help them grow into distinct artist, and is modified for those who want to commit to a less stringent curriculum. This recreational track allows dancers to choose the number of hours per week and type of class(es) taken. Ages 6 – 18 years


AREA Conservatory Program | Pre-Professional:

Offers a focused and intense training program that prepares students for a smooth transition into college or a professional career. Students are also afforded the opportunity to work with renowned artist and other professionals in entertainment and arts industries and have various performance opportunities. This pre-professional track track requires dancers to train a minimum of 4 hours a week, and in all dance genres. In addition, students will learn fundamentals of: Dance History, Dance Composition/Choreography, and Professional Development. Ages 12 – 22 years


The AREA Professional Alliance Program | Professional:

The AREA Professional Alliance (TAPA) was conceived to give opportunity for professional and pre-professional apprentice artists in the Arts  the ability to create, perform, and grow within their arts interest through study, performance, and awareness. Its primary mission is to encourage a cooperative and collaborative creative experience, and to expose both the artists and the Atlanta community to a powerful culmination of talent and the true essences of a professional Arts alliance.