AREA is a unique institution with outstanding alumni of over 45 years, comprised of McClendon School of Dance (MSD), McClendon Institute of Performing Arts (MPAI), and AREA who all share the same alumni mantra, ” WE ARE FAMILY!”

Our alumni are showcasing their talents in major companies, formidable colleges & universities, Broadway Productions, and/or touring with notable recording artists. In addition, others are “movers and shakers” in their respective industries, continuing our legacy of cultivating and grooming leaders in the arts community who are not only gifted artists, but model citizens as well!

As we celebrate AREAs 10th year Anniversary & McClendon’s 45th Year  as one of Atlanta’s oldest and most prominent dance institutions, we are asking all AREA & McClendon Alumni to join our network to allow us to curate a directory of OUR FAMILY! Click HERE to complete our Alumni Network registration, and to learn more about the Network and its inner circle benefits!