The mission of AREA is to encourage and create opportunities for all to participate in and appreciate the performing arts and strives to create a place where individuals can realize their creative potential, and where the community as a whole can share, witness and/or participate in this process. Committed to bringing the Arts into the classrooms, communities and lives of people throughout the world, AREA Outreach include special performances, lecture-demonstrations, technique classes and curriculum-based residencies.

AREA Outreach is prepared with a roster of trained professional professionals with backgrounds and experiences to conduct classes and residencies in dance, music and dramatic arts.

Impact + Results


AREA is and has made a difference in our communities by offering valuable arts education programs, performances, events, workshops and lectures to foster passion, inspiration and unique skills. Since 2009, has presented 5-Professional performance series, 12-Productions/Concerts for young emerging talent ages 3-18 years, premiered 20 new works by 27 emerging professional choreographers, presented 60 professional artists, performed for 50,000 audiences in Atlanta, and worked hands-on with over 50,000+ Atlanta and metro Atlanta-area students through our Academy, outreach efforts and/or youth programs and initiatives. We have provided arts curricula and programs for students ages 3-18 years in underserved communities and facilitated master classes, workshops, residencies, and performances with major organizations, educational institutions, and civic organizations.
Continuing to cultivate and revolutionize through the Performing Arts, and recognized as the cultural arts epicenter of Atlanta, AREAs goal is to continue to be the cornerstone for artistic excellence in the nation! For we are WHERE THE ARTS LIVE!!