Arts In Education

Arts Education and Program Implementation

Arts and Enrichment programming and activities is an essential human experience that can help youth reach their full potential. Aligned with a new, sophisticated service delivery model, AREA has designed an arts initiative that provides innovative, high-quality arts programming for all youth to stimulate learning, inspire creativity, and develop confidence in self-expression.

  • National Black Arts Festival (NBAF): Move/Dance! Project (Atlanta, GA)
    • Service Offerings:
  • Vendor Management: Subcontract, manage, and evaluate 3-Teaching Artists from AREA who will demonstrate various dance techniques as outlined in the curriculum
  • Curriculum Advisor: Edit and modify the Move/Dance! Curriculum
  • AG Gaston Boys & Girls Club (Birmingham, AL)
    • Service offerings:
      • Advisor: Advisor to the CEO on arts integration and its importance to Club success
      • Program Management: Arts & Enrichment Program development & management organization for 8-Birmingham City Schools, Phase 1
      • Vendor Management: Hire and manage over 20-Teaching Artists, Service Providers, and Organizations engaged in Program
  • YMCA (Birmingham, AL)
    • Service Offerings:
  • Program Management: Creation, management, and execution of a Arts based Program for respective YMCA Greater Birmingham young people to participate, explore, and appreciate the Arts
      • Community Engagement- Spearheaded movement led activities for YMCA members and the community for Family Day activities
  • Condoleezza Rice “Center For Next Generation”/AG Gaston Boys & Girls Club (Birmingham, AL)
    • Service Offerings:
  • Program Management: Creation, management, and execution of a diverse cultural-themed Program for Dance & Theater arts classes in conjunction at Hayes Elementary After School program.
  • Vendor Management: Hire and manage 2-Teaching Artists (TA) from AREA Birmingham
  • Atlanta Public Schools (APS)-Pen or Pencil Program for Department of Justice (Atlanta, GA)
    • About Project: 
      • Program Management: Creation, management, and execution of an Arts based mentorship Program for select APS High School students and its feeder Elementary and Middle schools through the lens of the Pen or Pencil Initiative, to perpetuate critical thinking, skill development, and arts advocacy to reduce truancy and delinquency
  • Ivy Preparatory Charter School (Duluth, GA)
    • Service Offerings: 
      • Curriculum- Creation of an arts enrichment themed curriculum for middle school girls to promote the performing arts, promotes cultural diversity, enhanced self-esteem, and confidence
      • Afterschool Programming- Creation and management of 5-unique Arts Classes through the AREA In Motion (AIM) Curriculum afterschool, and Instructed by AREAs diverse roster of Teaching Artists (TA)

Special Performances  & Projects

AREA produces special performances and projects that showcase the unique talents of artists and how they used those talents to impact their community. The performance presentations serve as a powerful tool for asking questions about the world, connecting people, reflecting and discussing political viewpoints, and the importance of education through interpretive engagement by way of the Arts.

Special Performances

  • National Black Arts Festival/NBAF (Atlanta, GA)
    • Performance Details:
      • Gala- Creation of choreography and artistic direction for 3-performance sets in conjunction with the Gala theme, and provide professional and emerging dance talent of AREA
      • Gallery Hops/Tours– Artistically Direct and Choreograph Gallery Tour integrating Dance for 6-galleries, and provide professional talent to perform and demonstrate dance form presented
  • Atlanta Hawks (Atlanta, GA)
    • Performance Details:
      • Performance Creation- Provide artistic/creative direction, choreography, and emerging talent to promote black dance and culture through captivating dance showcase for Hawks fans.

Special Projects

  • Girl Scouts of America: Year of the Girl “100th Girl-a-Palooza Anniversary” Celebration (Atlanta, GA)
    • About Project: 
      • Song/Track- creation, record, mix and master Conference original song
      • Choreography, Demonstration Video & Flash Mob –creation of original choreography and demonstration video to compliment Conference Song shared with 20,000 girls in attendance for Flash Mob prior to the Girl-a-Palooza Day
      • Talent Competition- conceptualize, manage, and execute Preliminary, Pre Final and Final competitions for select Girls Scout participants
  • Boys & Girls Club of America/BGCA: Keystone Conference  (Dallas, TX)
    • About Project: 
      • Arts Session Developer- With a conference theme of “Year of the Teen”, AREA created 3-unique Arts Sessions the 2016 BGCA Keystone Conference with a distinct focus on Teen engagement, retention, and impact.
  • Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA) -Teen Recruitment and Retention Initiative (USA)
    • About Project: 
      • Consultant- Develop and deliver innovative arts-integrated education program advisory for young people of BGCA Clubs to recruit and retain teen youth through artistic expression and offer creative outlets for personal discovery