The Academy is the award-winning interdisciplinary performing arts training & development school of AREA in for novices to professionals, and is committed to grooming leaders in the arts community who are not only gifted artists but model citizens as well!


  • Provide curriculum-based progressive training Divisions
  • To ensure that our members remain at the helm of professional development in the Arts.
  • To guarantee proper training and development of all students to ensure talent is equipped with the proper tools for a successful career.
  • Ensure our talent feel free artistically and creatively to flourish in many dimensions of the Arts they may have never tapped before!
  • Provides Seasonal Training, Master Workshops, Conventions, Summer training, and Performances (locally, regionally, nationally, internationally).
  • Provide artist and professional development including: Photoshoots, Portfolio Development, Workshops, Presentation Skills, and Mentorship.

Industry Ready!

In our continuation of growing our offerings for our Academy members and the community to ensure they are equipped and exposed to the best in Arts & Entertainment, AREA is teaming up with notable organizations to allow our students to exclusive and discounted opportunities to take part in next level training beginning in October!



If youth are given the opportunity to become involved in a constructive activity, they will experience success not only in the specified activity but also in their academic studies. Focusing on the education of the whole person leads to them becoming a productive part of society. This is our primary goal for AREA Outreach, Arts In Education!

AREA Outreach/Arts In Education is a daytime or after school satellite program that puts students in an arts filled environment and allows them to express their creativity in their respective after school setting!


  • ARTmoves:  Exploratory & Development Dance Program
  • ARTunplugged: Music Business & Technology Program
  • ARTconnections: Cultural Arts Enrichment Program

Special Performances & Projects

AREA produces special performances and projects that showcase the unique talents of artists and how they used those talents to impact their community. The performance presentations serve as a powerful tool for asking questions about the world, connecting people, reflecting and discussing political viewpoints, and the importance of education through interpretive engagement by way of the Arts.



Program Development & Design

Arts and Enrichment programming and activities is an essential human experience. Aligned with a personalized, arts centric service delivery model, AREA has designed arts programming for notable Organizations and Schools,  that provide innovative, high-quality arts experiences that stimulate learning, inspire creativity, and develop confidence in self-expression.

Implementation includes, but not limited to:

  • Curriculum Design and Program Implementation and Management based on exposing and exploration by and through the Arts

  • Arts Integration and Class Scheduling into School/Organization model

  • Vendor Management: Recruit, Train, Certify, Coordinate, Manage and Compensate Manage Teaching Artists, Service Providers, and Organizations


Provides a home for individual artist including but not limited to musicians, choreographers and directors. Designed to allow artist to hone their creative voices, our artistic residency generally will last for one fiscal year, after which the artist(s) must reapply. Through this program, we hope to create a space for artist to create work that could be showcased in collaboration with AREAs ongoing initiatives. To begin the process of application, please complete the following Artist in Residence Form> and submit the Form, your resume and biography to or 877.305.4896


Homegrown Series

AREA is proud to celebrate the amazing professional artists, choreographers, directors, and instructors who call Atlanta their Hometown! “Home Grown Series” will also highlight the AREA young adult blossoming artists who are just beginning to branch off into the collegiate or professional arts & entertainment world, in a docuSeries entitled, “Home Grown Bloomers Series”, which will introduce the world to AREA alum that will inspire and encourage potential Artists of the  great possibilities within the arts & entertainment industry and beyond!




  • Residencies (Series, Semester or Year)
  • Master Workshops & Talk Back (90-mins)
  • DocuSeries (Episodes)